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Travelling USA and Canada

This short video will show you how Challenger Sports can help make your next summer the best of your life!

Coaching Progression and Development
If you are wanting to come out for the summer initially there may be the opportunity to progress your coaching in the US and stay out longer as part of our Academy division. This means working within a club for a longer period of time once the summer camps have finished. 
Competitive Salary
All our coaches get paid weekly into a bank account that is set up for you prior to your arrival in the US/Canada. Please remember that 95% of your transportation and accommodation is already taken care of so the wages you receive you can use as you choose.
Host Families
The majority of our summer coaches experience “true American” hospitality where you can expect to spend each week with a host family. We understand that this can be daunting, as it puts some of  our newer coaches out of their comfort zones. However 95% of all our coaches say that their host families are their favourite memories of the summer and you’ll end up making life long friends.
Make Friends for life
You are not going to get on with all the people you work with all the time. However, there will be people in your region that you instantly click with and you will be in touch with for the rest of your life!



“I just wanted to drop a message to say thank you for this summer. It has been by far the best experience of my life. I’ve checked off so many dreams while being over here and gained a lot of experience from working with other coaches and learning new drills from them to working with kids of different ages. It’s been so rewarding and something I’ll never forget. So thank you and I will most definitely be coming out next year if given the chance. I would have loved to stay longer if I didn’t have university to go back too.”


“ I would just like to say a huge thank you to you and the rest of the Challenger Sports team for giving me the summer of a lifetime out in the US. I have gained so much experience and I have built great relationships with my host families. This has been a huge step in my coaching career and I hope to do this again in the upcoming years. Thank you once again for everything.”


Get to see some amazing sights throughout the US and Canada. You will coach and live in some incredible places and you will have 30 days to travel and see more of the country once your contract has ended.

So what are you waiting for?

Simply click the button below to start your journey!

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