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Challenger Sports Camps

Challenger Sports Camps

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Experience coaching in a different environment

You will gain more coaching experience in 8 weeks with Challenger than you will all year back in your home country. A typical week of working on camps will give you 30 hours of coaching. You will get the opportunity to coach a variety of ages and abilities in a number of different environments. 

The ability to have this on your CV will stand you in good stead when it comes to applying for jobs, whether it be in the sports industry or any industry. 

Summer and Academy positions




A 6-13 week programme, working with different ages and abilities throughout the summer and travelling from week to week to different communities to deliver an exciting and fresh soccer camp that children learn from in a fun and challenging environment. Coaches will stay with host families and experience not just a different coaching environment but will experience an amazing cultural experience throughout the time that they are in the USA and/or Canada.




This programme is a 7-9 months commitment. Our Academy staff will be based within a club for the Spring season (Feb/March/April), working with different teams, ages and abilities. Once the Spring season has finished the majority of Academy coaches will then work throughout the state they are in for the summer before going back to the club for the Fall season which runs until October/November. Host family accommodation is provided where possible.

How it works

As a first year coach with Challenger Sports you may request a region where you wish to work, but this is a request and not a guarantee. Our returning coaches will get a choice of which state they want to work in, as a thank you for the previous year’s efforts. 

The placement of coaches in regions is dependent on a number of factors which include, availability (how many weeks you are available, what’s your earliest start date and when is the latest you can work), your age, experience and qualifications and whether you can drive, just to name a few.

TinyTykes Camps

Challenger’s soccer experts and child development professionals have designed an innovative curriculum that introduces your young soccer stars to the basic skills needed in soccer as well as developing their motor, social, and psychological skills.

Our International coaches are experts at working with young children and will combine soccer with fun games; stories and skill building activities that will keep your child entertained and enthused to return next week. Come join our CUBS AND LIONS PROGRAM and join LENNY THE LION as you learn our TinyTykes theme song!


International Camps

For many years our British Soccer and TetraBrazil camp programs were delivered exclusively by British and Brazilian coaches and our coaching material was heavily influenced by those countries. However, the recent World Cup demonstrated to us all just how well developed the game is globally and it is now time to provide players in the US and Canada with the very best coaching methods and practices from world’s most influential soccer playing nations.

 Each day includes individual foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, small-sided games, coached scrimmages, and a daily World Cup tournament. 

Next Level Camps

Soccer at all levels is increasingly being played at a greater speed and new demands are being placed on players to react, move, and perform skills whilst under pressure from opponents. Players must be capable of quicker controlled movements on and off the ball and must be able to think faster and make split-second decisions.

The Next Level camp program maximizes training time by rotating players between specialized training stations that focus on key areas of individual performance including, speed of play, fast foot skills, first touch, advanced techniques, freestyle, strength, agility & quickness, attacking moves, finishing, and small-sided games.


GK Icon Camps

Challenger Sports presents a specialist camp focused on the development of goalkeepers and those interested in goalkeeping. Created by professional and international goalkeepers in the UK, and with franchises now around the world, GK Icon is the leading provider of professional goalkeeper training globally and prides itself on maximising the potential of all young and developing goalkeepers aged 8 – 18.

All clubs and players seeking professional goalkeeper development and advanced training techniques for male and female players aged 8 – 18 years and invited to attend these programs.

So what are you waiting for?

Simply click the button below to start your journey!

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