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  • How long can I go for?
    We have contracts that range from 9 months through to 6 weeks. Our summer programmes have contracts that differ in lengths from 6 weeks through to 13 weeks.. Our Academy Programme offers coaches the opportunity to coach in the USA for up to 9 months from the Spring, through the summer and into the Fall.
  • How do I apply?
    Please click the apply button in our header.
  • What is the recruitment process like?
    Our recruitment process is very robust. All our coaches MUST attend an assessment day where you will deliver a practical session. Your suitability for the role will be determined from your session and the short informal interview you have after this.
  • Do I need a visa to work for Challenger Sports?
    In order to work legally in both the USA and Canada you will be required to apply for a work visa. Challenger Sports will help you through the process of gaining your visa.
  • I can only work for the summer but want to be an Academy coach?
    Our summer programme runs from early June through to the end of August. Our Academy programme runs from January/April through to October/November.To be considered for an Academy position you MUST be able to commit for that length of time.
  • Can I pick where I work in the USA/Canada?
    As a first year coach with Challenger Sports you may request a region where you wish to work, but this is a request and not a guarantee. Our returning coaches will get a choice of which state they want to work in, as a thank you for the previous year’s efforts. The placement of coaches in regions is dependent on a number of factors which include, availability (how many weeks you are available, what’s your earliest start date and when is the latest you can work), your age, experience and qualifications and whether you can drive, just to name a few.
  • How do I get to camp?
    Challenger Sports will provide a car. Please be advised that you can only drive the car if you have a current and valid driving licence. If you are on a camp and are a non-driver, then you will be either picked up for camp by your fellow coach(es) or your host family may bring you to camp each day. Our experience is your ability to drive or not drive will significantly affect your experience as public transport is extremely limited outside of the largest cities.
  • What hours will I work?
    The majority of our coaches will work what we call “full days” which is 6 hours a day made up of two 3 hour sessions each day, Monday through Friday. There may be the occasion where you are on a camp which is a “half day” camp which means that you will be coaching for 3 hours each day.
  • Do I get any time off?
    All of our coaches who work in the USA get the week of July 4th off as this is Independence Week and is a National Holiday. If you are working in Canada you will get the week of July 1st off as that is Canada day. You will get most Saturdays off (exceptions are rain make ups/coaching clinics) and then travel to your next location with your fellow coaches on the Sunday.
  • Can I travel once I have finished coaching?
    Yes you can. You will have up to 30 days to travel as a summer coach once your contract ends. If you are an Academy coach the duration that you can travel is determined by your visa.
  • Can I fly in and out of anywhere?
    No. If you wish to travel that is fantastic, however your International flights will be booked in and out of the region that you are coaching in. If you do decide to travel once your contract finishes (highly recommended) then it will be your responsibility to get yourself back to the airport for your International flight home on the date you have chosen.
  • Am I insured when I am out coaching and travelling with Challenger Sports?
    Yes you are. You will be covered for the duration of your coaching period- your insurance will finish on the Sunday after your contract ends. Once your contract has finished if you are then travelling then you will need to get yourself additional insurance. Before you arrive into the US/Canada and upon arrival you will be given your health care card and a full outline of the insurance policy.

Information regarding Challenger Sports football coach recruitment displayed on our FAQ page
is revised on a regular basis and we make every attempt to ensure answers are up to date and relevant.

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